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Introduction to Enterprise Mobility Management

Join us for a tour of Meraki’s cloud-based enterprise mobility management platform, Systems Manager, that provides over-the-air centralized management, secure BYOD protocols, diagnostics, and monitoring for mobile devices.

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Introduction to MV Security Cameras

MV security cameras leverage advances in solid state memory technology and Meraki expertise in cloud management. By removing the need for additional on premise hardware and standalone software packages, like the network video recorder (NVR) and video management software (VMS), Meraki MV streamlines and simplifies purchasing, deployment, and monitoring of video security systems. Join us on a live webinar to learn more!

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Cloud Managed WiFi: The Next Step in Wireless Evolution

Organizations with limited IT resources, yet with an enterprise’s needs – scalability, security, and reliability – often struggle to deliver a robust wireless experience. In this live webinar, we will show how cloud computing brings simplicity and effectiveness to wireless networks.

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Latest Reviews

“Customers expect you to have wifi.  Being up to date is part of our brand.  We also see the trend in more mobile and hand held devices on our network and want to tailor our marketing strategy to be relevant to those devices.  We appreciate the insight from FocusConnect on how to implement marketing technologies that also support a network safe environment.”

Director of Marketing

“The entire network is PCI compliant. Guest traffic from the Meraki access points goes directly to the Internet, and Meraki’s firewall prevents this traffic from accessing the cardholder data environment (CDE). All network bandwidth is shared, so our organization uses Meraki’s application-aware traffic shaping to limit bandwidth for traffic giving priority to the core applications / systems we need to run our daily business.”

IT Manager

“We are planning to start using the wireless network for handheld tableside order entry and payment devices in the next few months. We are extremely pleased that our Meraki network will allow us to control and best manage the speed and performance of those devices on our network.”

Owner and General Manager

“Being connected to the internet is huge. It is a reason to stay.Studies show that more time someone spends in a space, the more money they spend as well. Customers can browse more of our products while they are here, and we have more of a chance to interact with them.”

Director of IT

“Easy-to-use. No training required for our staff. We have instant visibility across all our networks.”

General Manager

“The Cisco Meraki solution provides a fully HIPAA-compliant solution optimized for multi-site deployments.”

IT Manager