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Required Licensing

All Meraki hardware products must be purchased each with its respective license agreement. The license offers continued support of the product, 24/7, along with feature enhancements. If this is a license renewal, we will reach out to obtain the serial number for the devices renewing.

If you are upgrading from an MX Enterprise to Advanced Security License, you must have the same license across all firewalls within your organization. (They may not be mixed.) *Please reach out to us with any questions regarding the differences between these two licenses. We are humans and we like to talk to other humans!


Cisco Meraki Licensing is co-terminating. The organization co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit. Removing devices from a network or organization will not impact the co-termination date.

Here is how co-termination works:

The end dates for all licensing is averaged together based on device type and licensing limits. Suppose an organization has 3 separate Enterprise AP licenses, two licenses of these are assigned each to an AP spanning 1-year (365 days) and then the 3rd license is assigned to another AP spanning 5-years (1825 days). The co-termination value would be calculated as ((1825*1)+(365*2))/3= 851 days per AP. This allows an Organization to add more devices and licenses over time without having to worry about the complexity of keeping up with many license expiration dates.